The Legion of Super-Links

Let's face it: the Internet can be a scary place. There are over a billion different websites to choose from, and without some sort of a guide, it's impossible to tell the wheat from the chaff.

That's where this site comes in. Specially designed for Legion of Super-Heroes fans, it lists all the known webpages related to the Legion, then organizes them by topic, era, and availability. If a site hasn't been updated in ages - so long, in fact, that it appears as if it's been abandoned - it's located in the Inactive section. Neglected sites also appear in that section, so you won't find yourself wondering if a site is going to be updated soon. Contemporary sites are found in the Active section, and each section is divided by era. And if you're a fan of message board posting, those links can be found here.

So wonder no longer! Check the links below to visit websites which you haven't heard of before, and some which you have. Keep coming back to see if new sites have been added or if old ones have been "retired." Best of all, bookmark this site for easy reference. Don't rely upon search engines to find your favorite Legion sites - use the Legion of Super-Links instead!

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This page last updated: November 13, 2004.



Silver Age

The Legion of Super-Heroes Online Companion: Volume One
Featuring character & creator bios, a cover gallery, and issue by issue synopsis.

The Legion of Super-Heroes Clubhouse
Contains character listings, a Legion chronology, letters from Adventure Comics, and the Legion Bulletin.

The Legion of Super-Heroes Index
Features an index of Silver Age Legion comics.

The Legion of Super-Heroes
History of the Legion written by a Spanish Legion fan

L.L.L. (Long Live the Legion)
One fan's selection of his favorite Silver Age moments.

Recommended Reading: The Legion of Super-Heroes
Reviews of selected Silver Age Legion issues.

The Legion of Pocket-Heroes
Web page featuring flash animation of the Legion figures from DC Direct's Pocket Heroes line.

Adventure Comics Cover Gallery
A gallery of Adventure Comics covers, both Legion and otherwise.

Custom Legion of Super-Pets Action Figures
It is what it claims to be.

The Legion of Super-Pets Home Page
Home to the Pets of Steel.

Bronze Age

The Legion of Super-Heroes Online Companion: Volume 2
Contains character and creator bios, a cover gallery, issue by issue synopsis, house ads, and more.

The Hembeck Files
Legion cartoons by Fred Hembeck.   1 2 3 4

Legion of Super-Heroes Slurpee Cups
'70s Legion memorabilia.

The Amazing World of DC Comics # 9
Features the all-Legion issue.

Fan site for Dave Cockrum.

The Official Mike Grell Website
Features an art gallery, questions & answers, and art for sale.


The Legion Constitution
From Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The Dawnstar Aerie
Website devoted to Dawnstar.

Legion of Customized Action Figures
Great Eighties Legion action figures.

Custom Legion Action Figures
Homemade versions of Princess Projectra, Karate Kid, and Wildfire.

The Keith Giffen Resource Page
Numerous biographies, interviews, pictures, and even a bibliography.

Bite Me, Fanboy
Another Giffen webpage.

Webpage for the former Legion artist.

The Steve Lightle Gallery
Steve Lightle's official presence on the web.


The Legion of Super-Heroes Online Companion: Volume 5
Featuring character and creator bios, a cover gallery, issue by issue synopsis, house ads, and more.

Legends of Lost Legionnaires
Lots of links to further explore the controversial Legion era.

Frequently asked questions about the fourth volume of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Legion of Super-Heroes Postcards
"TMK" era postcards by Keith Giffen.

Al Gordon
Gordon's "booth" at

Immonen Illustrations, Inc
Official webpage of Stuart Immonen.

Ron Boyd Illustration
Official webpage of the former Legion inker.

Zero Hour Reboot:

Legion Constitution
The '94 reboot version.

Legionnaires Forever
Includes a Legion roster, list of villains, and the worlds of the U.P.

The Legion of Sim Heroes
Downloadable Sim skins of reboot Legionnaires.

Custom Legion Action Figures
Homemade '94 reboot Legionnaires.

Some Assembly Required
More custom-made Legion action figures.

Custom Con 9:   The Muscle Squad     The Espionage Squad     Elemental/Caster Squad     Other Squad     Legion Villains    
A virtual comic convention where custom-made Legion figures were displayed, as divided into categories.

Custom Con 11:   Supporting Cast     Legion Villains     Fatal Five     Work Force     The Legion of Substitute Heroes    
Like Custom Con 9, except two cons later.

Legion of Super-Heroes (Jim Drew)
Contains "Frunt" analyses of Legion appearances in reboot continuity, miscellaneous covers, and Who's Who in the 30th Century.

Jeffrey Moy’s Slightly Less Pathetic Excuse of a Website
Home page of the former Legion artist.

Jolly Roger Studio
Former Legion cover artists Tom Harris and Tony Feister's studio.

Charles Wallace Art
Homepage for the former Legion inker.

All Eras

Legion of Super-Heroes Help File
Contains an index of all Legion issues up to and including Legion Lost # 12, plus character data, a history of the Legion comic book, and much more.

Lightning Lad's Legion
The "Newsarama" of Legion web sites.

Legion of Super-Heroes Index
Picking up where the ICG Index left off.

Legion of Super-Heroes
The Legion entry in the Superman Encyclopedia.

Don Markstein's Toonopedia: The Legion of Super-Heroes
Toonopedia's Legion entry.
Pin-ups of various Legionnaires.

Legion Outpost II
Includes issues of the e-zine, plus a complete Legion checklist, a multi-reality Legion roster, and a handy guide to Interlac.

Legion of Super-Heroes Quiz
Test your knowledge of the Legion.

Get-a-Life Boy's Legion of Super-Heroes Site
An index of Legion stories, Legion icons, and "Lost Levitz Issues." See what might have happened had Paul Levitz not retired from the Legion!

My Giant-Sized Legion of Super-Heroes Web Shrine Extravarama!
Fan art, Legion promotional material, and a discourse on Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes # 197.

Bits O' Legionnaire Business
Features anal retentive checklists, a list of Legion of Super-Heroes merchandise, and the Tyroc quiz.

Legion of Super-Heroes Chronology
A chronology of the Legion of Super-Heroes, both pre- & postboot.

The Unofficial Legion of Super-Heroes Indexes
Main page for both pre- & postboot indexes.

Get your own Legion e-mail addresses.

Legion of Micro Super-Heroes
Little bitty Legionnaires.

The Legion Files ~ Amnesiac 5
Articles, pictures, links, and more.

Superman Homepage
Features a publishing history of the Legion.

Message Boards/Mailing Lists:

Official DC Comics Legion Message Board
What it says it is.

Legion World
A message board by Legion fans, for Legion fans.

Superboy and the Legion Message Board
Brought to you by

Where aspiring artists post pictures for comment.

Similar to LSH-Pics, except you'll find Steve Lightle here.

The granddaddy of all Legion art mailing lists.

Another place to discuss the Legion.

Yahoo! Group devoted to the new Waid/Kitson Legion.

The Legion Street Team
Grassroots effort to spread the word about the new Waid/Kitson Legion.

The Legion of Super-Heroes newsgroup.

Mailing list of the Legion APA.

The Legion of Message Board Posters
A friendly place for people who like the Legion.

The Legion HQ
A place to talk Legion past and present.

Legion Fiction
Read the work of other Legion fans.

Legion of Super-Heroes Play by E-mail Game
Yahoo! Group home for the Legion Pbem.

Legion Creators Message Boards/Mailing Lists

Classically Cockrum
Hosted by X-Fan.

Cockrum's Corner
Your best place to go to find Dave Cockrum.

Daily Dispatch
A mailing list for Keith Giffen fans.

Jeff Moy Art
The Jeff Moy mailing list.

Olivier Copiel Fans
A Yahoo! Group for fans of the recent Legion artist.


Official webpage of the first ever Legion APA.

Official webpage of the other state-side Legion APA.

LMBP Outpost
Official webpage of the Legion of Message Board Posters.

Legion of Super-Heroes FanFic Archive
An archive of Legion fan fiction.

Tomorrow's Lesson: An Untold Tale of Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes
Silver Age Legion fan fiction.

The Johnson Legion
If you like cute girls drawn in a cartoony style, then this is the site for you.

The GouGou247 Home Page
Features an unpublished Legion story, Legion convention sketches, and other goodies.

Superboy's Legion RPG
A role playing game based upon the Superboy's Legion mini-series.


Zero Hour Reboot:

Unofficial Legion of Super-Heroes Headquarters
Fan fiction, character bios, and lots of pop-up ads. Last updated 2000.

Unofficial Chuck Taine Website
Biographies, galleries, and a survey. Last updated August 29, 2000.

Umbra's Shadow: The Unofficial Website of Tasmia Mallor
Biographies, galleries, and a survey. Last updated 2000.

Triad: The Unofficial Website of Luornu Durgo
Biographies, galleries, and a survey. Last updated 2000.

Kinetix Home Page
Pictures and info about Zoe. Last updated August 18, 1997.

Invisible Kid's LSH Page
Features a Legion chronology and more dead Legion links. Last updated July 10, 1998.

Mr. Happy's Legion Page
Pictures, a Legion roster, and more dead links. Last updated pre-2000.

Karate Kid Dojo
Features a bio, fan fiction, and an art gallery. Last updated pre-2000.

Cosmic Boy Death League
For people who hate Cosmic Boy. Last updated pre-2000.

Solid! The Apparition Homepage
Pictures, fan fiction, and a bio. Last updated pre-2000.

Spotlights female members of the Legion. Last updated March 30, 2000.

The Legion of Sucking Heroes
One man's view on why the Legion sucks, and how to make it good again. Last updated March 10, 2000.

Legion of Super-Heroes Chronological Appearances
Features chronologial appearances of post-boot Legion characters. Last updated March 31, 1999.

LSH: The Cards
Overpower card game stats for Legionnaires. Last updated 2000?.

Legion of Super-Heroes Strike Force
A Legion of Super-Heroes e-mail role playing game. Last updated 1998.

All Eras:

Legion General Information Post
An attempt to explain the Legion to newcomers. Last updated pre-2000.

The Other Legion General Information Post
Another attempt to explain the Legion to newcomers. Last updated pre-2000.

Legion FAQ
A then-current introduction to the Legion of Super-Heroes. Last updated 1999.

The Legion of Super-Resources
Links, links, and more links. Last updated January 24, 2000

Mirror Lad's Art Gallery
Formerly a comprehensive Legion art gallery. Last updated: Closed.

LSH Art Gallery
Pictures of Legionnaires divided by character, artist, and era. Last updated June 30, 1999.

Quasi-Official Index to the Legion of Super-Heroes
Features thumbnail Legion covers. Last updated May 9, 2001.

Stuart's LSH Page
How Stuart became a Legion fan, as well as some of his favorite issues. Last updated October 17, 1998.

The Legion Files
Articles, fan fiction, and Legion cameos. Last updated April 16, 1999.

Johnny Legion's Home Page
Contains Legion Challenges. Last updated 1997.

Welcome, Legion Fans!
Contains Legion links, only one of which actually works. Most linked to Legion site, according to Google. Last updated pre-2000.


The online Legion APA. Last updated pre-2000.

Fanzig 35 - All Legion Issue
Last updated June 2001.

Kono's Legion Stuff
Features convention photos of Legion professionals and fans. Last updated pre-2000.

San Diego Comic-Con 1996 - A Pictorial
Featuring pictures of Legion fans from the 1996 San Diego Comic-Con.

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